Your Expansion

Reaching beyond where you have ever been before is a surefire way to bring yourselves to a higher state of consciousness. Everything that you experience on your world gives you cause to reach beyond. It brings you a sense of joy, excitement and purpose to take yourselves to new levels and to experience new things.

In order to do that, you must expand your consciousness, because at the current moment your consciousness is in direct harmony with what you are experiencing. There is a direct correlation. So to have new experiences and to experience yourselves in a new way, the expansion of your consciousness is a requirement. It’s not the result of you going somewhere you’ve never gone before. It is the prerequisite.

So how do you consciously expand your consciousness? First of all, recognize that this is something that naturally occurs. Just as a child naturally grows into an adult without having to think about it, so does the consciousness naturally expand without having to try to do it. However, finding the world that you are living in to be mundane or boring is bound to give you a cause for increased desire.

The desire that you feel is the nudge; it is the push. The expansion occurs when you let go, when you relax. It requires you to give in to the current set of circumstances in order for you to move past them and into the new realm that you are creating. The desire is the accelerant. The desire summons energy. The energy is delivered, always, and then there is the minor task on your part of relaxing and letting it in so that you can feel and experience an expansion of your consciousness.

That expansion then includes more of the reality that you experience and gives you the feeling of satisfaction that you seek. The satisfaction comes from knowing that you wanted to reach beyond where you had ever been before. You set out to do so, and you created and allowed that experience to happen.

The expansion of your consciousness is not a trivial thing to be overlooked in all of this. It is the name of the game. It is where it’s at, and you can experience it consciously as you let go of all that you cling to, including your identity. You are wonderful at allowing this to occur when you are simply determined to enjoy the life that you have while also recognizing that you will always be reaching for more.

As you begin to accelerate your rate of expansion, you are going to see the effects of all of that energy moving through you. You are going to realize that there is no end to what you can become and that there are no limits to what you can do. We are pleased to usher you in to this particular period in human history. The acceleration is happening right on cue, and whether you realize it or not, you have been readying yourselves for it.

Perhaps you have felt the need to slow down and rest more often. Perhaps you have spent more of your time going within or being by yourself. Perhaps you have changed your diet or how much water you drink. And you most certainly have been accessing that which is of a lower frequency and needs to come up and out of you. All of these things are part of the preparations that you have subconsciously been making for the acceleration.

It’s not that you needed to accelerate your expansion and integrate more of the high frequency energy. It’s that you’ve chosen to do so as a species, as a collective. You all decide when you are ready for this type of exponential growth. And even though you all experience it differently, the effects are still the same, nonetheless. You are actualizing your destiny in this lifetime. You are accessing more of your true selves and integrating that which has been fragmented off and has been waiting for you to embrace it.

Your evolution will continue to skyrocket as you take on the energies that are hitting your world, and you once and for all realize what is happening. When you accept the intensity of it, you will then feel the effects and know that everything is all right, no matter what is happening in your life.

One of the ways in which you will experience the expansion is in feeling a loss of time. Your sense of time is going to change, and that is because you are moving outside of linear time in your perception of reality, and you are moving into a time where you will be able to select exactly where and when you want to be.

You are able to perceive more as well, and you will continue to be able to perceive more of reality. You will become more patient, which is a bit interesting because you will require less patience, as everything else speeds up in the physical as well. Look forward to this acceleration and enjoy the ride.

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