Letting go

In your process of ascension, you are being asked to let go, but what are you letting go of and who is doing the asking? The letting go is not of stuff. The letting go is not of relationships. And you are not letting go of your physical bodies. You are letting go of perspectives.

As far as who is doing the asking, it is the universe itself. Because it is not possible to take certain perspectives with you to the fifth dimension, it is actually the universe itself that is giving you a choice.

There are those who want to participate in the third dimensional perspective, and they are being given that opportunity. This does not make them less spiritual or less evolved. They are simply choosing to explore what can only be explored from a third dimensional perspective.

And those of you who are hanging in there are choosing to let go of the old perspective of reality and to embrace a new one. The new perspective is one of inclusion. The new perspective embraces difference. The new perspective sees all as having value.

Any thoughts that you have of being better or less than because of your differences with another are the ones that are coming to you from the third dimensional perspective. Those thoughts no longer serve you. And so when you become aware of them, all you need to do is let go. You don’t need to fix anything or change anything.

Just remind yourselves that you can always choose to let go and to continue letting go until you anchor in the new perspectives that will become so ubiquitous that you will not even question their validity. You will use them to create your reality, and the reality that you create will excite you. It will be new, and it will be interesting, and it will breathe new life into your weary selves

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